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Scrubbing the Sink


Maybe you need more hours in the day. Maybe there are tasks you can't do alone. Or maybe you just appreciate a beautiful, clean home—without doing it yourself. Whatever the reason, our clients agree that hiring home cleaning services is a smart, stress-reducing, and smile-inspiring decision.

Cleaning Services That Fit Your Needs

Woman with Cleaning Supplies

What does regular housekeeping include?

What are "deep cleaning" services? Are there clearing services you don't provide?

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Pricing for Home Cleaning Services

How much do housekeeping services cost? Every home and situation is different. We base our flat-fee prices on the size of the home, the level and frequency of cleaning (deep or maintenance), and the number of services you need. You'll find our pricing to be very competitive.

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Let us stop by for a short 15-20 minute consultation and free estimate!

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It's all about trust

"I had bad experiences with cleaning people in the past, so I didn't use anyone for a long time. Margarita and her team, however, are prompt, thorough, and go above and beyond what I ask. you'd be lucky to have her."

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